Newtonsoft.json.linq doesn't work in studio 2018.2

Since 2018.2, deserializejson don’t work

The RPA works well in 2018.1.3.

Nobody for help please ?

Hi @lesvdbs

Could you please go to %localappdata\Temp\nuget% and check if you have two folders/versions of Newtonsoft.Json? For example it could be one with 8.0.3 and one with 10.0.3. Remove the one with 10.0.3(you can copy it in some other place) and check again.

Let me know how this works for you,

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Thank you very much @ovi , deleting the folder Newtonsoft.Json.10.0.3 works. Thank you !!

But the problem is that it reappears again and fails

What can be done to solve it? Maybe there is some file of?

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Hi Carmen,

The issue here is that you may have on your machine some third party Windows apps that need the Newtonsoft.json.linq version 10.0.3 and this is downloaded automatically. UiPath doesn’t have any control of what other dependencies the machines have.

However, this has been logged as issue (the fact that an error is thrown in Studio if there is also the 10.0.3 version) and the fix will be out in the next release. For the current 2018.2 version, the workaround (or solution) is to delete that folder.

I’ll keep you updated on when the fix is released. And you can ping me anytime here to give you updates.


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Hi, is there a permanent solution for this problem? Yesterday i run in to this problem In UIpath Studio 2018.2.3.

Thank You


I found a workaround for this problem. To get rid of the collision between localappdata\Temp\nuget\Newtonsoft.Json.8.0.3 and 10.0.3 i need to delete the 10.0.3 version. As is mentioned by Ovi. To stop the UIpath studio to instal the 10.0.3 version at each start i need to uninstal all packages which are working with google drive and google spreadsheet activities (packages from UIPathTeam).

Someone should repair this…

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Hi Vaclav_Hanzlik,

Thanks for the reply. Could you please name those activities names, such that we can uninstall them, since i have tried checking the spreadsheet activities , but couldn’t figure exactly which one i should delete.

Why because, we are planning to promote our bot into production, but failing with this issue.

Thanks in advance.