News Paper - Era of Automation - Automation When Needed the Most - Issue 01

Hello all,

sorry for being silent for a while. Though I was silent here, I was active behind the scenes and was working on various things…

I do hope everyone is safe…

So… as a MVP, I have some responsibilities now :slight_smile:
As a part of my responsibilities, I have decided to write technical articles under my own news paper title Era of automation :slight_smile:

So… I’m ready with my first issue talking about “Automation When Needed the Most”. The article is focused on how RPA could help the organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic…

Enjoy the first one… and if anyone has any thoughts on articles you would want be to write, feel free to reach out to me on your thoughts and I’m more than happy to address :smiley:

Automation When Needed the Most.pdf (758.7 KB)

You could also find the article on Linkedin