New Question Missing From The List Of Columns From The Automation Pipeline View

Why after adding a new question in the customized assessment, this one is not appearing in the Automation Pipeline, columns list?

After adding a new question in the customized assessment (for example: customized the Default Assessment), it is not possible to filter in the Automation Pipeline (path: Workspace -> Automation Pipeline) based on the new question created.

Example attached:

  1. Create a field "New Question" in the Default Assessment

  1. Navigate to Workspace -> Automation Pipeline -> expanded the Columns section, searched for "New question" and noticed that there are no results appearing.

In order to find the new question in the Columns list, at least one new idea should be submitted which includes a value for the created question.

Once done, the user should be able to filter all the ideas and automations based on the desired column within the Automation Pipeline view.

  1. Submit a new CoE driven Idea by filling in all the necessary details along with a value for the newly created question. Once done, re-tested the visibility of it under the Automation Pipeline view and this is showing and can be selectable from the drop-down list.