New property: "Paste via Clipboard" for Type Into activity



I would like to propose “Paste via Clipboard” property for Type Into activity.
There are various known issues in Type Into activities, such as …

  • when typing special characters,
  • when used in Japanese OS,
  • when used in Citrix environment,
  • and etc.

As a workaround for these issues, “clipboard + send Ctrl-V” is well-known, and frequently used. Since it seems to be implemented in many workflows, very often, why don’t we support this combo command as one mode of Type Into activities, and let users enable this mode from property?


Hiroaki…let me check if I understand.

You want to enable a special mode of working for the type into activity:

  • copy the text property to clipboard
  • send ctrl+v

instead of typing each character.

Looks good.



Thanks for your clarification. Correct. That is what I want to have.