Need to select the prior Month from the dropdownlist



I need to select the MONTH from dropdown as per current month. Suppose, Current month is JULY then BOT should select JUNE, like this. Please suggest.


@khan Below assignment statement gives you current month name

String vraibaleName=Now.ToString(“MMMM”)

using select item, select the combo box. U will get month name inside that box as string value. Replace that value with above created variable in assignment activity.


Thanks fro your response Manju. But I want the prior month og the current month





Getting some selectors error, could you please upload one small sample solution.
Thanks in Advance @dineshary


@khan Check below workflow. I tried below things in ACME test website for selecting month. I tried using click statement and edit the selectors.

wxampl—.xaml (10.9 KB)