How to select previous month last day from dropdown list(combo box list) in the webpage

Hi Team,

My webpage contains Date Combo box(dropdownlist), always i want to select previous month last date in that dropdown box, how to fix this. Please see the attachment files for clarification.

Actually i am reading lastmonth date value from excel and hold it in a variable, now i want to select a specific date from the drowpdown in my webpage.Please see the attachments and help me Please.select1.pdf (130.3 KB)
select 2.pdf (78.5 KB)

So you want to make the selector dynamic, right? Then you need to pass that variable inside the select item! It will work. Please attach your workflow so that I can understand the problem better!

Niket Ghai

i passed the value in the variable, please see the 2 attachment pdfs, I cant share the xaml file as outsiders dont have access to this website.

You have passed the value!
You first need to store the date you are getting from excel in a variable and then pass that variable inside select item!