Need to run a browser based automation in vm without needing to keep the screen visible

Hi I am currenlty doing a automation on gst website for challan creation, but the process does not seem to run when i minimise or close the vm on my system. Although VM is on 24/7 the process does not run the moment i close vm in my system.
I have tried using window message and simulated clicks but its not wrking.
any sugestions?

HI @Tata_Subramanian

If you want your process to be run in background even after the VM is closed ,What you need is an Unattended License for your robot and connect the robot to the orchestrator and after that you can see what you need .

To know about the license check this

To know about plan and pricing

To know how to activate license

To contact sales team for getting license


thanks gokul but i have one unattended robot in my free version i guess and even after publishing it to orchestrator its not running

And you have assigned that license to the machine in which you run right?

Also check your string based on the steps given in the thread


yes machine allocation is all done and it works when i keep the vm screen open in my laptop but it doesnt work the moment i close vm session in my laptop

Hi @Tata_Subramanian

Have look on the thread


no this is not the problem here, i am able to run the automation if i keep the virtual machine on in my system, but the moment i close error comes that its not able to find the ui element


Make sure that bot is installed in service mode and not in user mode

Only then you will be able to access the elements in unattended mode

For more details

To check how is your robot deployed you need to check your Windows services and check under which user it’s working. If it’s your username then you need to reinstall your robot using the msi package.

And if you are trying to run or connect from orchestrator then make sure that in robot setting it is set as false in log in to console

Cheers @Tata_Subramanian