Need to Remove Extraneous Outer Sequences

While creating and debugging automations, I am frequently presented with auto-created extra outer sequences that seem to serve no purpose. I have been manually moving around my Activities in order to clean up the job. Is there a shortcut method to quickly eliminate the extraneous outer sequence(s) without deleting its inner activities?

Perhaps my question was not clear. After setting up my workflow, I have quite of number of nested sequences. Many are unnecessary. I would like to quickly and/or selectively remove the unnecessary sequences from my workflow, without having to move activities.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

More specifically, I want to quickly eliminate the UiPath activity Redundant Sequences. Here is the message I encountered:

Warning ST-MRD-005 Redundant Sequences The sequence Do is redundant.
Redundant sequences should not be used, since they only make the workflow cluttered. For removing redundant sequences, use the Remove Surrounding Sequence option of the Context Menu in UiPath Studio. Learn more.

By following the Learn More link, I found I could remove the outer sequence as follows:

Right click the inner sequence, and on the context menu choose Remove Outer Sequence.

What I was seeking with this post was an easy way to clean up ALL redundant sequences with a single click.