Need to move back and forth from one WebPage to another page without creating new session everytime

I have one scenario.
First I will open url, Which is Alteryx webpage, then I will copy email address from that portal and then I will open another url which is employee portal, where I will check whether that email person is available or not.
I need to move back and forth and will do this copy of mail address and check for several times using these two portal or web pages only.
So, how can I achieve this without creating new session every time.

Thanks in advance.

give a try on following:

use Open Browser for opening Alteryx and set the output (Browser) to a variable e.g. Browser1
use Open Browser for opening Emp Portal and set the output (Browser) to a variable e.g. Browser2

use the different Browser1/2 variables within an Attach Browser acitivty for the existing Browser (Input) setting and realise with this the Browser/application switches

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Thanks for your reply.
Could you please explain it more or do you have any already built example for this.
Thanks in advance

e.g for alteryx open browser:
set output variable

switching back to it use attach browser:
set the Browser1 Variable, do not set selector

how will I use the other variables Browser2 and Browser1/2 ?
Could please show it as well

just use a second open Browser activity and init the Browser2 variable in the same way.

Witihin the attach browser the initialized Browser1 or Browser2 Variable is used as indicated in the screenshot above

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Thanks for your suggestion. It worked.
I need one more help on the same solution. So, while moving back and forth I need to do some activities.
In the browser1 there are a lot of employee emails present from which need to copy one email and will go to browser2 and check whether that employee exists or not and then again come back to browser1 and copy the next listed employee email and do the same activities. Please find the below screenshot of browser1 where you will see the email address under machine names.

As, you can see from the pagination that there are already other pages present with the same details so, I need to do these same activities for other pages as well.

Any suggestion on this one ?

I would suggest to check if the flow can be reorganized as following:

  • step one: readin (if possible with data scraping) all emailIDs (shown in screenshot) and let doing the paging by retrieval process
  • iterate over the extracted emailids and do the necessairy actions for processing the emaiID

Thanks for the reply.
I need to add some additional details in the scenario.
As, already mentioned that I will check whether each user presents or not and if present then i need to click on “License info” for that user (you can find that on the screenshot) to do some additional activities in browser1.
So how will I achieve this using the solution you mentioned ?

is licence info a link with retrievable url info in the href attribute or javascript function?

Thanks for the reply.
License info is hyperlink to another browser (browser3) where I need to do some additional activities and get back to browser1 after the activities.

so it could work

  • datascraping the table including the licence info link (All rows all pages)
  • iterate over the extracted data
  • check if the user is present
    • if yes - open link of licence info
    • if no - do other actions

if this would/could not work the just design/implement an alternate flow. It was just an idea on how to concentrate actions