Need to how to move mails from onr folder to another

Hi Team,
i am working on a problem that i have to move all the mails older than 3 days to a folder.
Please help me out

Hey @praveen.godara14,
if you are working with Outlook it’s simple.
Just use the Move Outlook Mail Message Activity.
You give it the mail you want to move (might have to use for each if you have multiple emails) and the folder you want it to be moved to.
Here’s the documentation page:

And this example would move my last mail into the “ToDo” folder for me :slight_smile:

Actually i am receiving thousands of email daily in the folder and we have to keep mails of last 3 days and rest needs to be moved to some other folder daily
. all this needs to be automated

Aha, I see what you want :slight_smile: Nice Use-case. The solution I posted up there applies, but here’s the complete version:

MoveMail.xaml (6.5 KB)

p.s. If this is what you were looking foor could, you mark it as solution please. Thank you!

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