Need To Check Whether Check Box Is Checked Or Not Checked


I have one table in that table i need to check whether it is checked or not.

I have tried the logic of get attribute its working for all different checkboxes but not with my table scenario checkbox.I have attached snapshot below.


May be bot is not taking these as checkboxes… can you please suggest another logic if you have.



Please use ui explorer and indicate the check box when check and when unchecked and see the difference between the selectors…

Right top and bottom left menus are important to identify the different attribute values…

Depending on that we can use the get attribute of that particular attribute



Use Get Attribute activity and there you can check whether the state is 1 or 0

based upon that you can build your logic


Hi @Putta_Sri_Sai_Rishik_Chow

You Can Use Check/Uncheck activity in Modern design and in the action drop down you can select which option you need to per form Like Check Or Uncheck Or Toggle

Thank you