File, Choice Set, Custom Permission Roles and Entity Permissions are now available!

I am happy to announce that we are releasing new features today –

  • File – You can now store/retrieve files with your entity records. We also have a new set of Studio activities available to upload, download or delete files to entity records from your processes.
  • Choice Set – You can now create a set of choice values that users can select from for a field. You can define Choice Sets at tenant level and reuse them across entities. Studio activities have been updated to support and filter on choice sets.
  • Custom Permission Roles and Entity Permissions – You can now create custom permission roles in Data Service. Custom roles allow you to create a role with specific permissions like those for your customer service agents or your finance department limiting their access to specific entities and operations.

These features are rolling out today and should be available for everyone in next few hours as the rollout finishes. Make sure to update your Studio and Data Service activities to version 20.10 to use these new features.

Give these features a try and provide your feedback! We want to hear what new scenarios you will automate with these new capabilities!