Need to break line in excel if charcter is more than 50

Hi Friends here i attached screen shot i need to split the given string character is not more than 50 characters give me solution to resolve

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vicky_K
is it correct to say you want the split to happen under 2 conditions -

  1. if line size has reached 50 characters
  2. if a word has size more than 5 characters.

also you input is present into a string.

Actually only one condition not more than 50 character also a string need to compleate meaning

In screen shot not like below one don’t split the string.

i need above full yellow background result.
Hope you understand

HI @Vicky_K
i have created a solution that i think might just fit your requirements.

Logic - I have split the I/p string w.r.t whitespaces and stored o/p in list type variable.
->moving ahead I have a loop for each item in above List.
inside loop I have an If condition that if list_item size>=5 OR strNewLine [a temp storage variable] size = 50
→ if any of the above condition is true then add the data from storage variable to another list/collection and reset storage variable.
→ if condition is False then add current list_item to storage variable.

At the End I have printed the collection for refence.
Hope this is helpful and works for your problem.
Attaching complete xaml for reference.
solution1.xaml (13.7 KB)

Solution1.xaml is not working for me

maybe following helps: