How to split sentence into words


I have to input a string into a data field which can only take 50 characters. So if I have a sentence which is more than 50 characters long I have to split it into 2 strings. The first will be typed in the original data field, while the other will be put in the next field.

So if the sentence for example consist of three words separated by spaces (or commas) I would like the 2 first words to be stored in a variable, or access them by using an array (if they are less than 50 characters). The third word needs also to be stored in a variable, so I can type it in the next data field.

I have tried various functions such as Split and Substring without getting the right output.
Anyone who could help me out here? :slight_smile:

Hi skandi,
I have attached an workflow which will split 50 characters each time and store into an collection. Please go through it if any changes are there please let me know. Main.xaml (22.4 KB)