Need to automate the monitoring process of weblogic servers

I need to automate the monitoring process of the weblogic servers, which an alert mail should trigger to my outlook mailbox when the servers are going to warning or not reachable state.

Is it possible?
if anyone working on this, let me know

There are dedicated monitoring solutions. Why complicate with UiPath which is purposed for other type of activities?

It is possible if you can do that manually with your hands and eyes. However you will need to set the robot to keep working on it repeatedly and with dedicate machine.

Another specific monitoring will be better solution for such monitor. e.g. Application performance management tools.

can you share me the tool which will help me on that
There might be other options as well, but I am sure that you have in your company an infrastructure department that can handle this :slight_smile:


I have one more doubt. when i try to send mail using uipath i am getting the below exception.

Use telnet to see if there is connectivity between your machine and that server.