Need to adjust powerpoint Header with correct position


I am working on automation where i need to take screenshot from scpecific webpage i need to scroll down and again i need to take screenshot and merge both and paste it into powerpoint slide with heading.
i able to achieve both but problem is heading is not able to come frot side and not visible.
check below ss.

i went through one code of cristian by using that code i able to adjust image but not header.
startUiPathFromSalesforce/PowerPointCODE.txt at master · cristinegulescu/startUiPathFromSalesforce · GitHub

i need my header like this .check below ss.

please help me to solve this.
how can i change my position of heade?
any method is there in
please suggest.
@Cristian_Negulescu @balupad14 @sanjay21051990 @richarddenton

Sorry, I’m not an expert in PowerPoint.
Please check this link with a lot of code maybe you find something for your case:


checked , but no information about header allignment