Need some help for opening browser with the same name and copying dynamic text from web to excel sheet

Hi! I’m a newbie in Uipath and i need some help… basically im using UiPath to automate the filling of forms. So far i can do that. The problem arises when i want to submit the form.

Case 1: As i have orders shipping to the same recipient, the UiPath opens another browser. So I’ll have serperate browsers for different recipients. I did a sequence click image function, but that only works for 1 browser. Any way to make sure it opens all the browser and perform the same function on all of them?

Case 2: How to copy dynamic text from IE and paste into an excel sheeT?


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Hello Oliver,

I would first like to ask if you are using Studio or Studio X ? And in case you are using StudioX , please refer to the documentation Tutorial: Working with UI Automation .

Hi @OliverGomes,

I saw the similar situation in another thread that have specified it here. And it has the solution also.