How to open browsers with the same name and perform the same function on each or them

Hi! I’m Lydia and I just started using UiPath. I am stuck.

Brief information about my project:
my project is used to automated order forms. the Uipath is meant to copy and paste the data from an Excel file and into the order form in a browser. So far everything works well, data is smoothly processed. the issue comes when I want to submit the form. As I have multiple recipients, Uipath will open a separate browser for each of the different recipients. I have created a function to click on the image of the submit button. That works fine. However, it only operates on one browser. it does not do the process on the rest of the browsers.

my question is how can I make Uipath open the rest of the browsers and submit all the forms ?



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As per my understanding, if you are processing excel data rows one by one then you can make that as a transaction item and feed each transaction item in the order form. Once completed with a transaction you can move to next transaction with the same browser after clicking on Submit button. You need to navigate back to the initial page where you need to insert the order details.

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I think my answer relates to the same point @sarathi125 has just mentioned…

So in you process, you have multiple recipients which you need to enter data in the web application. I would like to suggest to change the process a bit…
Instead of having multiple browser windows for each and every recipient, let’s just use one browser window. Why I say that is due to several reasons.

  1. Having multiple browser windows is an additional overhead for the system and it can slow down the performance
  2. Having to deal with similar multiple browsers can be error pron if not managed properly…

So, lets use one browser window which can be used to navigate to the needed pages when needed…

So, you pick on recipient, then navigate to the page where you need to enter the data, do the submit, and have some activities included to get back to the page it was before we tried entering data. Since this entire process is running in a loop, this will keep on going to that page and getting back to the previous state. It will be much stable and user friendly too…