Copy from excel and paste into a webform

Hi Everyone,

I am a rookie for uipath. In my workflow, I have opened the webform, open the excel, I need copy and paste A1 into webform, then A2 then perform a click in webform. Anyone can help me with copy and paste from excel into webform?

Have a look at this video. It walks through how to input data from Excel into the webform at

hi Anthony, it helps, mine is not dynamic. What i need to know is what is missing to type data from A1 thru E1 and repeat A2 thru E2 into the webform

The video covers this part. Just don’t worry about the dynamic part, since the webform you’re using likely has more stable selectors to work with when you use the “Indicate on Screen” feature of the Set Text or Type Into activities.

Anthony, can I ask you one more question, I got everything working, just stuck on one part… Do you know if a radio button is already clicked the first time you run a process, and there is no need to click again, what process we can use to avoid it after first time?

you can use click activity
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There is usually something you can use in your selector to check if it is set to have been clicked (e.g. enabled=true). However, it will likely be faster to click the same radio button again anyway, because checking if something is clicked can take additional time in your process.

thank you Anthony