Need Help With Site Opening and Downloading

Greetings experts,

I am trying to look through one of my work environment’s archive page on chrome and I was wondering if there was any way to speed up the process.

On the page, there are elements that start with href="site_down_mp3.xhtml
Is there a way to open all these elements in a new tab?

After opening all the elements in a new tab, all the new pages will contain elements that start with href="
Is there a faster way for my browser to click(download) this similiar element present in all the tabs I just opened?

I have only just downloaded and never used UiPath before so it would be great if someone can make example files for me. Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @ham,
1)Use “find children” activity to get all <a href> tags,
2) iterate through the elements
2.1)then find its attribute value using “Get attribute” activity. Then check for the occurrence of required url
if a match found, open the url
There are 2 ways to open
*) use “navigate” activity and assign the url extracted using “Get attribute” activity
*) perform click, by passing the child elements selector to click activity

Hi! I tried it out but it’s not working… Can you show me an example file? :slight_smile:

I am also getting this error

I have managed to complete what I wanted to do by using other alternatives :slight_smile:

Chrome Extensions

  1. Linkclump - To open all links selected on a page
  2. Simple Mass Downloader - To download multiple links from all opened pages by indicating the url

After activating the downloads, I can also do my other work instead of waiting for an RPA script to finish