Chrome tabs url

Hi ,
I am working in automation to get the url from all opened chrome tabs/window , can anybody help me ?

Hi @Ravi_Nigam,

use Get attribute activity:


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Hi @SaiKrishna147
thanks for your response , in my case i want to get the url from all open tabs/window in chrome and tabs will be dynamically opened , to use getAttribute we have to provide some selector but the tabs are dynamic so i can’t give selector i used wild card also but that’s also not working .

Hi, do you mean that you want to get the links of every tab you open? or you have a specific number of tabs you want to get the urls?
Can you show me how you did your wild card in your selector?

Hi @josephivann
yes i want to get the the url of every open tabs and windows ,sorry i can’t upload attachment , as i am new to this uipath form its not allowing me to upload attachment .

try this one

  1. inside the Get Attribute activity
  2. open the selector with UI explorer
  3. Indicate the chrome tab and in your selector editor
  4. replace the title with ‘’ and the URL with '’ and if it validates, try to display it with a Write Line.
    Hope this works. Please see the attached image