Need help with dynamic selector and loop

Hi community.
I am working with little bit complex project and I got little bit stuck with it.

I have a list of files inside windows application (it does recognize all selectors) and I have to get every individual line of file and pull a document code of each file. (I don’t know how many files will be inside a case can be 1 can be 100).

With this code I need to break it down and search for this file inside database and pull out a client name and title number (I already have it done so that one is not an issue)

With client name and title number I need go to tasks and loop trough every single task and open only one that match a name of the client from the file and open this task to compare if title number are matched. (I know how to do matching process).

Issue I am having I can’t figure out a way how to loop trough every line to get document code.
and after I got a client name saved in variable how to loop trough tasks and open a file that only match client name from variable.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank You!

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Hi there @Boniek

Have you checked or explored find children activity and filter it according to your requirement for getting only the links/hyperlinks/elements you desire… Please check the following and get back :slight_smile:


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