Need help-type into got stuck

Good day everyone, I’m using type into activity but it does not work I have even tried activate activity and check app state…but what it’s suppose to type there it doesn’t, i also used SIMULATE and HARDWARE

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1

Try with Set Text activity


Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1

While indicating the Element by the Type into activity. In the selector options window check the Strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy and image.

This may help you to find the Ui element by bot.

Hope it helps!!

Hello @lrtetala, I did try that It gave me:

can you show us the selectors please?

and when before to throw an exception it wait for 30 second timeout or the error throw immediately

Good day @mkankatala, Yes I have done that as well ,I uncheck the fuzzy and select the strict selector


can you show in the Ui Explorer and when the element is validated.
Also make sure that is not confused with another window which it may be open.

You are able to indicate the Ui element when you are executing the bot unable to find the Ui element right… @Luciano_Gjinaj

Alright will send it…
It opens on the correct window

Yes I am able to indicate the UI element when using the type into and also set text activity and it opened the text field but does not type anything