Type Into Activity not working if a variable name given as input

If I give variable name as input in type into I am getting an error. I searched in Google and forum I didn’t get any solution. Please help me to resolve the problem.

Hi @Aswin

Did you try create a new project and cop these activities and try…


I created a new project and did the same thing. No changes. Getting same error


I am a beginner. Now only I started studying

@prasath_S Can you please give me a solution for this


the workflow created seems to be correct, try uninstall the studio and install again.

@prasath_S I tried uninstall and install again. same problem raised. Same problem for arguments also.
I have to install any packages?

have tagged @loginerror @Pablito for better understanding of the issue.

@prasath_S Okay, thanks

Hi @Aswin

Is this still an issue on the latest version of Studio 21.4.4?