Need help to Filter datatable

Hi guys
I have data table like below.

When I apply filter on LinkExpress product I found two rows and here I have to apply condition if (with FC) I need to fetch “Sample Cost CPI 30+% Incidence” exchange value for i.e 13.16. if not exist fetch 11.62.

Same like if I filter eValuate two value found fetch value contain 10 mins

if I filter AdNow fetch yellow highlighted value.

Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

Are these fixed values that you need to Filter in the Datatable? Or is there a logic behind why these values are the chosen to be filtered values?

Alos if you could provide us with the Sample Excel, it would be faster to provide you with a Suggested solution.

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market rate card.xlsx (28.5 KB)
rate card Key new.xlsx (11.2 KB)

fieldwork country and product column filter is fixed logic would be apply on media type column as I explained earlier I appreciate if you could help me out.

Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

I do think the Purpose of the Second Excel file provided is not yet explained.

Could you provide details on that ?

first filter apply in rate card key file and filter product name
Ad Now
Google Evaluate
Concept eValuate
Link Express for TV
whatever result fetch product as below highlighted apply filter on market rate card file fieldwork country > prodcut

Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

We do have an Understanding of the Filtering of the Values, But How do we Expect the Final Output?

Is the filtered rows for Each Product to be Copied as a Separate table or do we need to retain it in One datatable ?

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I need sample incedence rate as final output of if it possible to get datarow
I can make condition to get that value. like outputDT.row(0).item(“Sample Cost CPI 30+% Incidence”).tostring()

Hi could you please help me

So, for every filter on “product”, you need column “Sample Cost CPI 30+% Incidence” value of first row. Kindly confirm.

If yes, here is your solution. (9.5 KB)

If not, then kindly explain all the mandatory filters.

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