Struggling with Filter Data Table

I am running into a problem where the filter data table activity is not working. When I run a sample file (attached) through this workflow, I want it to:

  1. Delete extraneous columns (working)
  2. Add a column and populate it with a formula (working)
  3. Filter out rows where column: “Interested” = No OR “Favorited” = Yes
  4. Filter out rows where column: “PPD” < 130,000

For some reason the filter does not seem to be removing the rows that do not meet each of the conditions. I have the workflow setup to pass in the name of the sheet (sheetName), file name (fileName), and download path (downloadPath) as arguments that are fed from elsewhere. I had been hard coding them in as default values for testing. I’ve included a sample data file as well. (20.6 KB)

For this point you can use a assign statement and use the below expression and store the output of expression in datatable and this will give the same output as Filter datatable activity.

dt.Select("INTERESTED=‘N’ or FAVORITE=‘Y’ ").CopyToDataTable

Your Filtered datatable activity also works here

For this point, there is no column with PPD, in your excel sheet, but if you want to add another column you can just put OR condition and use like below

I think you are referring to price column, if yes in your filtered datatable replace PPD with Price and it should be working

dt.Select(“INTERESTED=‘N’ or FAVORITE=‘Y’ or PRICE>‘130000’”).

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