Need help in reading and accessing CLOB type data from oracle database using UiPath

Hi All,

There is a requirement in one the usecase regarding accessing CLOB type data from database where we need to run a select query which one of the column in the table contains CLOB Type data. we need to access that clob type column and open the clob file and verify the certain tags.
When I run the select query, I’m not able to execute it through execute query activity
The error is showing as below screenshot
The query I’m using is a simple select query

error-1:(This error is very frequent)

error-2: (This error is very rare)
Remote exception wrapping system.Exception:Job stopped with an unexpected exit code 0Xc0000005

Can anyone suggest how to access the table containing CLOB data and read the CLOB data to verify the tags. should I need to use any VB code for accessing the table?
Your suggestions and help is needed.
Thanks in advance

Hi @neeharika.puppala,

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Is the database on which you are hitting is very huge?
As job stop error generally occurs when dealing with a very large set of data.



Please find below screenshot for size of file. If this is regarding the large set of data, Is there any way to access the data. Can you please suggest

Thanks in advance.

Neeharika Puppala