Need example reading row using Datacolumn as object

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I want to read row using this option [Column as Datacolumn] Can anyone explain as I am not able to understand this



You can read row value using either Column Index or Column Name.

row.Item(0).Tostring - It refers to first Column and index will start from 0


Hi @lakshman

Thank you. I was able to understand this 2 examples row.item(0) and row(“ColumnName”) but not this one ==> row.item([column as datacolumn]) Just want to know how to read row using this option.

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Sorry i didn’t get you. What you want to read exactly ?

Do you want to read entire row or one value ?

Hi @Boopathi,

row.Item(column As data column) mean where you want to write the value under that particular column name

For example : if u getting some value and want to paste it in excel sheet under a particular column that time you will use this row.Item(“where u want to insert the value that column name”)

Thats it

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