Identify a column in a DataTable

Dear community

I’m wondering about a Quiz question and I could not find the answer. How am I able to identify a column in a DataTable? I believe, it’s with using the column index (0), as an example. But it might also be via the column name…
Question for the Quiz: who knows which on is the correct answer? Or do I understand it wrong? I assume it’s to identify the column to read data… is this correct?

That’s the correct answer. We can read the column using either column name or column index.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought and programmed but wasn’t sure weather it’s the right answer as well.

We can use Column Name or Column Index to identify a column,

Example if you are using DataRow, you can get any specific column by

> MyDataRow.Item("<columnName>").ToString 
> MyDataRow.Item(<columnIndex>).ToString