Troubles with "Get Row Item"

Hello, May I ask what can I type under ColumnName in “Get Row item” for an excel sheet that does not have a column name? Can I put the cell reference?
Thank you

Hi @deborah_yeong

You can give column index as well,


or if you want to column name (say 3rd column),


will give the column name for 3rd column.
dt is your datatable


Do you mean by cell reference of that column?

yes the column index you want in your datatable.


Btw is read range only for datatable?

the activity is available for the use along with a data row from a datatable. In case of the data column names are not popoulated e.g. by the first row from an excel, auto generated column names are set. So we can use this or the column index as mentioned by Prasanth

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@deborah_yeong yes its for datatable.