Need assist in Merge DT

Hi Guys, @Lahiru.Fernando
someone can help me?
Please can you tell me for data table issue. Like I am able to marge 3 data table using two method. One it merge activity and another is Linq expression but when used write range activity its output looks like … where first dt all rows end then in another column for 2nd dt start from there end rows. same for all DT. Example … dt1:-- cloumn B5(row end) , dt2:— row start column C6 but it should be start from column C1. Please help me out.
got output:

Should be output:

Thank you

Hi @Jesmine ,

This is how Merge Data Table works. It will append rows of 2nd Data Table to 1st Data Table.

You need to JOIN your Data Tables to achieve expected output.

Refer this link :

Thank you to reach me @Shraddha_Gore
for data table there isn’t any column match. How I will get it expected result. Any dummy workflow for it?

Hi @Jesmine ,

If you’re comfortable, share your workflow. If not, then you may try looping your Data Tables with For Each & assign value to respective column.

Just wondering if you don’t have common column in your Data Tables, then how will you identify data belongs to which Customer.

I am sharing it.
My requirements is
I have 3 dt
each dt have different columns
have excel template with header name
we need to store require columns into excel template based on header

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