Need answers to the Interview questions

Hi all.
I have faced an interview today.
Below are the few questions. Please help me with the answers for these.
1 . Can we add extra states in Re frame work apart from( init, get ​Transaction , process and end)?
2. how do use pass data from one process to another process(are separate).

3.what are the exceptions used in Re frame work.
4. what are the different ways we can build data table without using build data table activity.
Thank you.

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S
i think these answer may help you

  1. Yes u can add the extra states in REFramework based on usecases or business requirement

  2. to pass data from process to another , use arguments [via invoke workflow]

  3. System exception and Business exception are used in REFramework

  4. for the last u can use c# code or to create a table or u can follow the link too
    How to build DataTable without using Build DataTable activity


Nived N
Happy Automation

Hi nived. Thank you for the solutions.
Coming to answer 2 . They said it’s not arguments.
They are 2 independent process and( and no invoke) need to pass the data.
Can it be q’s?

Communication between processes can take place in various ways. For example:

  • by aggregating a process queue in orchestrator
  • Leaving the file with data on machine disk folder or network folder
  • sending an e-mail to process (if it supports)
    … etc.

Imagine communication between processes as communication between people (with no talking)

Or u can store in intermediate files like excel ,text files etc or like @Adrian_Star said u can store the data in queues, assets etc too

It may be also good approach