Looking for help in developing an automation for sending emails in Outlook

Hey all,
I would love if anyone can assist me here in private, creating this automation in UiPath.
Im new here, so I want to learn and I will pay excelent moeny.
Thank you in advanced.

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Hi Cr7,
You can ask what you want and we will support you :slight_smile: also you can know, study and learn what you want through more than one learning source.
1- UiPath Academy - Totally Free

2- Youtube Cousrs and videos - Totally Free.

3- you can ask direct what you want here in UiPath Community and will totally support you :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Also find below answer related to your question please try and update us if you still have issue

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I will correct my question:

I need to build a Flow that will automatically add contacts to Outlook, according to a attached Excel file.

one way when the Excel file is open, and second way when the Excel fille is closed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

1- You need to read data from Excel File.

2- start looping on this data and create contact on outlook

please try and if you still has issue update us