Navigate activity

how to use navigate to bcz i m facing an issue


Can you elaborate your issue? The basic usage is as the following image.



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hi Yoichi
actually i m downloading a file from sharepoint by using a click activity…instead of many clicks i used navigate to activity but whn i used it.It shows the error-
Navigate To: The browser was not specified for this activity. You should use this activity inside of a Browser scope (Attach Browser or Open Browser activities) or set its Browser property.

so if i used in the properties of navigate to wht to write in browser??


If you want to use NavigateTo activity inside OpenBrowser or AttachBrowser as the above image, you don’t need to set anything at Browser property.

If you want to use NavigateTo activity outside OpenBrowser or AttachBrowser, you need to set UiBrower type variable which is from OpenBrowser or AttachBrowser. as the following image.


Hello , Navigate to Activity can be used if you need to navigate to some url from an existing Browser session. So you have to provide it inside the Open Browser activity. Else Create a Browser variable and use it in Navigate property.