Namespace error in studio

Hi all,
We are facing this issue in Prod environment Please find the screenshot for reference and help us on this to get resolved.

Studio Versio:22.10.3

Could not find type ‘BuildDataTable’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 1342, Column: 30

Thanks in advance

@Palaniyappan do you have any suggestion on this

Hi @saravanan.c

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

Could you please try patching Studio to the highest available patch for 2022.10, which would be 2022.10.7 as indicated on the release notes page?

Thanks for the suggestion connected with UiPath team as guided by them the issue is resolved now we manually moved the .Nupkg to new folder and added the folder path as new source and emptied the Packages folder inside .Nuget folder.
after doing this it is resolved while restarting the project .nupkg all are extracted into the packages folder.

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