2018.3 Activity Could not be loaded because of errors in name space

My community version of Studio upgraded to 2018.3.0

And now the demonstration I have been working on for 3 weeks does not work ?!

Apparently this package will help : UiPath.V7.Activites
But I cannot find this package … it doesn’t seem to be available in 2018.3.0

If anyone can shine light on this I would be delighted !

Hi @hughabbott

Could you share the details about the error message that you are getting?

A sample project file stripped down to the faulty activities would be great too.

What I could also suggest is to try to remove the .json file and let it regenerate by opening the Main.xaml file. Naturally, please backup the project file’s first

this is fixed thanks … input from a calm-headed colleague.
We installed UiPath Web API package.
All working now - thanks.