MySQL connection is not working

Hi Everyone,

We are using MySQL as our database. We can able to access MySQL using a browser(********.com). We also installed MySQL workbench in our System. In MySQL Workbench, we can query the database.

While we try to connect MySQL with Uipath connect activity using the Connection String = “Server=***********.com;uid=***;pwd= passwor;d;database=;port=3306”

it’s not working. It is returning a null value.

I want to mention one thing, in the password, there is ;(semicolon) like passwo;rd. Is there any way to escape that semicolon?


hey @john.mari

have you created already your ODBC source for your DB?

first your need to do is ODBC, then you can connect by using your DB activities from uipath through your ODBC

hope it helps

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I tried the above method still facing the issue.

Is there a way to escape semicolon in the password string-like (passwo;rd)?

if you dont need your semi colon you can pass your secure string variable to an string variable and then replace it using the follow code

stringPassword = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secureStringVariable).Password

then just use a replace method stringPassword.Replace(“;”,“”)

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