Connect MySQL database

I want to connect to the MySQL database from the UiPath.
I had used connect activity in UiPath.
I have below page to connect to the database. After entering the username and password it gets connected successfully.
Any help in less time will be appreciated.
I have gone through some of the links but I could not get anything needful.
Can anyone help me to connect to the MySQL database with steps ?

Hi @Bhavarth ,

You need to configure connection string with MySQL ODBC driver.
using Connect activity–>click Configure–>select Other–> from below dropdown select “.Net Framework dataprovider for ODBC”–>Ok
In the connection properties, select “use Connection string”–>Build.
On select Datasource, click on Machine datasource, where you should find your MySQL Datasource driver.If you dont find one, Click on new and follow guided steps to create one.

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Thanks @Srini84. Also the url is https://server/phpmyadmin. So what will be the configuration below:

@Bhavarth Check Here

@indra - The webpage where I am conecting is https://server/phpmyadmin.So what will be the server in connection string in that case. I am facing this exception.Exception

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@Bhavarth Have you resolved this issue