My problem is captcha

hello everyone ;

My problem is captcha .

I added the form. There is a username and password. I can enter them. But I can’t do Captcha analysis. It can read only 1 number. How can I get past this correctly.

You can find a captcha recognition interface on internet.And then use Http Request to request the interface.I usually don’t use OCR to recognition.

Hello @serdarkavrazli

CAPTCHA reading is a difficult task to achieve as it is designed not to crack with any bots.
Di you tried with the ocr? Try to change the OCR’s and based on the complexity we may be able to read it. But the stability of the automation will be in risk if the pattern become complex.

Try to extract it using Uipath Screen Ocr Activity

Hey @serdarkavrazli

It’s not always recommended to automate sites with captcha as they may have policies on not allowing robots.


Hi @serdarkavrazli,

You can use google vision api. Such captchas are also very successful.

I also share a paid marketplace activity that returns you results with the api service.

I agree.It’s an issue that should not be forgotten.


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