My format value activity works on my pc but doesn't work in colleague's

I’m trying to change a number format from 1.320,45 to 1320.45 I use format value activity and it works on my pc. However, when I try to open project and run it in a colleague’s pc I’m getting the “Generic value cannot convert to system.decimal” error.
I added system. globalization to imports. Everything is same but I’m still getting the error.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you.

Hey @makboga

Could you please share us a snap of the Format activity and it’s props ?


Variable type of Amount is Uipath.Core.GenericValue.

What is the excel version in both of you PC’s? It is same ?


We are using office 2016 our excel files are .xlsx

Hello @makboga

Please check the studio version and the package versions on both the machines. If it’s working in one machine, it should work in another one as well. So if there is any conflicts between the version, update to the latest version and check it once.


I checked everything and everything is the same versions, packages etc. What am I missing?

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