My bot is showing errors regularly


I am using the bot in attended mode, and it is showing errors like Ui elements not found, target elements disabled, etc. When I fix all of them, the very next time it will show new errors again. Although the bot worked without any issues or errors on Friday, today it is showing those errors again. I couldn’t understand why it was showing those errors after two days. I am not able to do my works due to this issue. Kindly help me to fix this.



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This could be because of dynamic selectors in your activities

Make sure you have handled dynamic part of selector in ur activities whichever is getting failed

For example if you have title as attribute in your selector there could be value like this

title = ‘title name abcd Ed”

Next time when u open the same application it might be

title = ‘title name wee owiie”

Here u can see some part of title is dynamic and it’s keep changing

To handle this replace that part alone with wildcard and give a try something like this

title = ‘title name*’

For more details on wildcard selector have a view on this

Hope this helps

Cheers @Anju.k_Kelambeth

Thank you.
I can try to do it like that.
In my case, sometimes, after rerunning the bot without making any changes, it will run perfectly. Is this issue due to any interruption caused while running the bot?

Hi @Anju.k_Kelambeth ,
have any action by user in computer when run robot?
eg: user open other browser tabs or click other tab in application when robot running…etc

May be
But need to find the place where it is failing when issue occurs
Based on that we can make it stable

No. But before running the bot, we need to open the browser.

yes, I see before start robot should kill all process running, like: excel, word, browser…
? my think is human use computer when robot running

*other case is click activity fail after 30s default, have you check time delay before click in property and check page load by check elements exist, if it click before page load success → click will can not find correct element

hope it help,

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