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I have had many problems with the Windows - Legacy subject. I am a very simple UiPath programmer and maybe it’s because of this lack of experience and talent that I have not enjoied the new value proposition of these changes, yet.

However, I was wondering if there has been any progress on the matter of multi-threading. I have a business process in which I need to do a long web scrapping for each client I want to analyse. In UiPath I have to go client after client in a series which is very poor from the point of view of effiency since there is a lot of time lost in the web process (many buttons in screen to load, type into, etc.). However, a friend of mine has been able to run all cases in parallel by using a combination of Python and Sellenium. Has anybody learnt if UiPath has gone further in multithreading in this last upgrade of its software?

Thank you very much, Cesar


You can try using parallel for each and injectjs to extract from backend as well…or even try with front without any hardware clicks if possible…use simulates and dynamic page selectors as well using a name or something



FYI, we can achieve multi processing using either of the following function, for example.

  • Use parallel activity and InvoekWorkflowFile activity with Isolate option.

We can real parallel processing using Isolate option. Please see the following in details.

  • Use multiple Background process with Run Parallel Process

We can call multiple background processes at same time. The following is screenshot of running 3 background processes using RunParallelProcess activity.


Thank you very much for your quick answers. The problem is that my project needs to carry parallel front operations. Ideally, I would like to open several browsers and use each of them for carrying a set of sequential operations in each of them. The point is that these web operations are very slow (I need to wait for each box to be ready to write the text, etc.), and so it would be very beneficial if I was able to carry several cases in parallel. I know that it is possible with Python + Sellenium, and I was wondering if it was possible now with UiPath given the new releases, but it seems to me that it is not, right?

Thank you again for your help and kindness. César


You can use parallel for each and then use injectjs …and do the job


Thank you very much Anil. the problem is that I have no clue on JavaScript… Unfortunately, because it would be very, very, very useful for me to be able to run parallel foreground processes for my project…

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Hi! Is there a posibility to use this functionality of inject with UiPath Studio processes instead of javascript processes? I have to repetat the same process, each wih a different goal person. All of them have to be carried working on the same web pages (this is why I need to open a new browser in each case). Can I run all these identical processes in parallel just using my already written UiPath single project?

If not, is there a way to translate a UiPath project into a JS process automatically?

Thank you very much,