Parallel processing

Can Uipath Robot process multiple tasks parallel within a samewindow?for example i want scrap the some values from different different web sites in multiple windows at a time how it is possible

you should have high density robot to achieve this, you can run the process as multiple user.

Hi I am bit confused with your question and explanation you gave.

in question you mentioned

and in explanation you mentioned

can you please help me with some more information on this to understand better.

this can be achieved with single robot but may not be robust try get text activity inside attach browser in parallel activity I tried this for two different browser instances it worked fine for me.

hi @pathrudu

i have to open the different websites in a one browser in different tabs for example i am doing a scraping for money exchange(Ria,Money gram from that websites) values in different websites so at a time i want to open all websites in each window and need to perform the operations.

You can use parallel activity providing each process in different blocks. And, It will be fast if you do background automation.:grinning:


use two difference browser instances instead of opening in new tab as mentioned @Vivek_Arunagiri hope it will help you.


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Thanks for replay if we use above mentioned type code size will increase unnecessary if we open in same browser in different tabs it could be better(like horizontal scaling)