Parallel processing in Uipath 2020.10.2

Hi I am a beginner to uipath and I have done a few automation already and all I worked with are execution in series does Uipath support parallel processing ? I searched and found there is a block “parallel” but it is not available in the one I use . Please let me know if there is any way parallel execution of various blocks can be used ?

Hi @dhileepshyl,
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Can you explain it more. Is something wrong with Parallel activity so you can’t use it?

there is not parallel activity block with in my uipath , I am not sure if the latest version won’t have that parallel activity , I only have group activity which execute the items in series instead of parallel . My guess is there will be some method to run some more flows in parallel and I don’t know which to use …

@Pablito any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

This activity is a default system one and you should have it available without anything:


Please check which package versions do you have.

ok cool . My whole window is different . I don’t have this tree structure of activities and the parallel activity is also not there . any way I can get em ? or whats up with my uipath ?

Hello @dhileepshyl,

Maybe you can share a screenshot to better understand what you see.


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Yup, as @wasea said - please let us know what you see. Some screenshots of the Studio window, some details about settings. Everything is important. I can’t help if I don’t know how things looks on your side.

Mine is studio x version of UIpath , it is in my Vm couldn’t screenshot sorry