New "Background Process" template in Uipath Studio


As many people may view in the studio…we have a new template called "Background Process"

I don’t know how it actually works, and i cant find info about that, can anyone help me with a Guide Link or something??


Hi @panpan1020 -
If you try to create any Background process then You don’t need any front end actually Background process have very less activity and which are only required in Background.

I am just giving you a example for any web background automation you will need API only that’s UiPath Backgound process will do it will provide you only API activity.Here is the screenshot

Ope more example is that if you want to create a ticket then You need click on some elements and fill the form but if you have API available then you just need to hit the API and it will work like charm and reduce all the foreground activities.

Hope it will help you to understand.


Hey, you can now run multiple background process and one foreground(Traditional) process at the same time in an attended robot.

You find more details here
Cheers! :slight_smile: :partying_face:

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