Multiples Descargas

Hello friends, I need all your wisdom, I have this case in which I have to do multiple downloads of pdf files and I have to select a box called for this example “A” as you see in the image, and then download by clicking on "B As you can see in the image, the complicated thing for me at the moment is that it is a daily download and it may be that I have 0 boxes or 2 download sheets, as in this case, can someone guide me with the activities that I can use? Thank you.

I would try to use
Data scrap Into data web table
Select yes to multiple Pages

Use for each row to click all rows including box A

Using data scraping I have scraped data to data table which span multiple pages, but my doubt is from the output data table how can you perform download operation. Any sample


muchas gracias estoy intentando configurar de esa forma pero siempre hacer clic en la primera casilla A,

Hola Jay se debe seleccionar y luego hacer clic en el boton de abajo llamado B y ahi hace la descarga asi que debo hacer ese proceso una a una.

Sorry, can you please post the question in English please…


Sorry Jay, this is the case, you must select and then click on the button below called B and there it does the download so I must do that process one by one.


You can use

  1. ‘check’ activity for the check boxes, you may use as many check activities for each check box available.

  2. If a row don’t have check box make sure workflow still continue to next row… Use try catch activity or continue on error property.

  3. Use Click activity on button B for download

4.There is no next page arrow, so use click text activity with page numbers area in scope and use a counter value from page 1, 2,3…until the click text able to click on page numbers

Hope it helps

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In my opinion, makes no sense to do scrape of data you dont need… if all you need is to mark every box in the page and after click the download button, then the activity to use here is Find Children, it can return to all all the elements that are check boxes, in a for each you will use click on the element, after that you have another click in the button. See more in docs: or in the forum


Hello friends, I want to tell you how my case is going, I have a dynamic selector that makes an iteration between several boxes that must be selected and then perform a download to achieve this I have a counter + 1 that is responsible for making the sum of the value of the selector the box, the problem occurs when the iteration reaches 10 the robot clicks on the value 10 but does not get the next one, which should be 11.

You mean when Contador is 11 you get an error? What exactly happens?