I need to download the files by clicking on check box with pagination

i need to download the files by checking in on check box continue till the end of the page , finally click to download button .

any help will be appreciated.

Hi welcome to the community!
What is the problem you are having here?

Actually i am new to UiPath , i need to download the file as, it is shown in the attached file.

  1. i need check the check box besides the PO Number to select all check box in a single page and i need to repeat it for all pages

  2. the page size is big with 50 records in a single page , i need to scroll up and down to select the check box.

What i have done : i am able to download the files of first page but no idea how to move up and down and go for the next page.

This portal is single page application

Did you increase page size to a maximum? Maybe you can show all items at once… If not, then you can put a click next activity everytime you get all items in the current page…