Multiple terminal session embedded, how to activate?

Hello everyone,

I have an automation that works on two embedded terminals at the same time.

I need to take screenshots in case of error, and through some posts I had found and implemented the attach window (in UiPath executor) and then the activate activity.

Now the problem what is it? that the robot works with two terminal sessions at the same time, same connection string, what changes are the login credentials.

So, in no way I can distinguish one mask from another, while I would need it to come in foreground always and only 1 of the two embedded sessions, do you have any suggestions on how I can do that?

Can anyone help me?

Hi @Kumar802

Check out this below points

  • Use the Terminal Session activity, which connects to a terminal and enables you to perform multiple actions within it.

  • You can configure the connection by using the Configure Connection window that opens when you drag the activity into the workflow designer.

  • You can also use different types of terminals such as TN3270/TN5250/VT by using the UiPath internal implementation of these protocols

Check out the link


Hi @Kumar802

Why you need to activate one window for getting screenshot right?

If yes and if the text from the terminal is enough means just use get text of terminal activity and the output variable will contains the text in the same format in the terminal window you can use the whole string or you can manipulate and get only the error line.

Also refer this thread


Hi @Kumar802

I think sessions would be different right ?
Like Session A, Session B like that, so you can connect session accordingly using the terminal session when u need interact with any systems

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Unfortunately, it would appear not.

What distinguishes them is the connection string, but in my case I have two sessions simultaneously hooked to the same instance, so the connection field is the same.

I would have to figure out how to distinguish the two

I don’t want to be controversial, but from a constructive perspective, did you read the question?

Because the answer is totally out of context

Hi @Kumar802

Just to know

Have you tried terminal session to connect one terminal sesssion and saved the terminal session in a variable (let’s say terminalA) and did the same for other terminal ?

Nived N

yes i’ve two terminal connection variable

Have you tried interacting with these two seperately?