Terminal Activity - Reuse Terminal Connection among different Bot Processes


We have an urgent request that we need to minimize the number of login sessions of a Terminal application, the way to do it is to always keep one login session open on the Robot machine, once the Bot process is running on that machine, it will directly use the existing login session and perform the operations.

The concern is:
In Terminal Activity has option to use “ExistingConnection”, now all our process’s Terminal Connection is opened by the previous terminal activity inside the SAME process, we don’t know how to save the Terminal Connection somewhere so it can be reused by OTHER Bot Processes, like 20min or 30min later.

Is there a way to do it? Can we store the Terminal Connection outside of the Process and store it somewhere to reuse?

This is a very URGENT request and we need to make this happen in Prod ASAP.


Hi @fafeng

A small comment - if you own the Enterprise license, feel free to contact our technical support here:

This is one of the sure ways to guarantee you will receive direct assistance :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I hope some terminal’s master mind can help you here, as I have very limited experience in this area.

However, I think it is currently not possible to store a variable like that outside of single process. I might be wrong here thought.