Terminal repositioning on VM

Hi everyone, I work with 4 active terminal sessions, my problem is that in unattended mode, when I try to take a screenshot, it doesn’t take the correct screen and therefore I can’t find the error.

I’m using the package UiPath.terminal.activities, and I haven’t seen any useful activities to place the screenshot related to the embedded terminal that UiPath opens?

How can I manage and reposition the terminals so that they are all visible on the screen?

Thank you


Please check this

Hope this helps


Hello @Kumar802
Use take screenshot activity within the terminal scope. Don’t Indicate any screen. I will print the whole screen and can save in the required place.

HI @Kumar802

You can use Get Text activity available in the terminal package and you can check with the word available there


You can minimize all the applications that are in the foreground before using terminal activities